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Financial Coaching

Whether its working through a budget, going over lending options, or just running through different financial concepts – we are here to help. We can provide advice on financial concepts without jumping into an in-depth financial plan. We are happy to spend the time educating on a financial concept, where we may be just a one-stop-shop for you on your financial journey. Some other concepts can include, but are not limited to:

  • TFSA vs RRSP

  • Cash flow management (review spending, savings, and other opportunities to get ahead)

  • Whether to purchase a rental property

  • Down payment planning

  • Process of refinancing or getting a mortgage

  • Home equity lines of credit

  • Building credit

  • Should I pay down debt or invest?

  • Pension options that include whether to take a lump-sum commuted value or the deferred monthly benefit

  • Setting realistic time horizons and goals


$360/hr + HST

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