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After spending his entire career at a major financial institution, Kevin realized the historical relationship between products and advice. Quality advice should always be the focus, which is often not the case from the traditional banking approach. The compensation model in the financial industry can place an emphasis on certain products over others, which can make it difficult to deliver objective advice.  As a fee-based financial planner there are no hidden conflicts of interest to promote one product or strategy over another, or one investment over another.

Kevin quickly realized there was a better way to help clients, which is why he created the firm. He wanted to offer accessible financial planning that doesn’t rely on commissions from the sale of a product. Kevin’s focus has always been to paint a clear picture of all the available tools someone has at their disposal to reach their financial goals.

As a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and a Certified Financial Planner® you can feel confident that you are receiving quality advice. Kevin can provide financial guidance that is specifically tailored to your needs, completely independent of any of the pressures associated with a bank or insurance company that you may have felt in the past.


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