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  • How Can PrimeNet Help me?
    PrimeNet can help you create a plan to achieve your most important financial goals. This process is designed to give you a better investment experience, greater peace of mind, and save you the time you’d normally spend researching, managing, and worrying about your money.
  • How is PrimeNet Financial different than traditional financial institutions?
    Most financial institutions are owned by the investment companies they represent. When you walk into one of these large institutions the solution you likely receive will be the name on the building you walked into. Under that structure you will always receive biased advice. PrimeNet is an independent wealth management firm with no bias towards any one company. In order to achieve the best outcome you need access to the best available options.
  • How are you compensated?
    We are compensated on a fee-based structure. This structure means our interests are fully aligned because there are no hidden conflicts of interest to promote one product or strategy over another. Most of the industry uses a commission-based structure where an advisor is paid directly from the sale of a product.
  • What designations do you have?
    Kevin is a Certified Financial Planner, which is the highest standard of financial planning advice in Canada. Please look at the ‘about’ page for more information on Kevin’s journey and educational affiliations.
  • How often will we talk?
    The goal of our financial planning and Investing approach is for you to be relatively more confident and focus less on your short-term financial progress. It’s important that we can communicate at least 1-3 times a year. All clients receive quarterly market updates and have access to their accounts online daily
  • Why Would I use PrimeNet If I can just buy index funds?
    Index funds are great but it is not the same thing as developing a financial plan or designing a portfolio that is appropriate for that plan. Most individual investors who do-it-yourself (DIY) don’t stick to their investment choices consistently, buying and selling at the wrong time. This can lead to “behavioral costs” that far exceed the fee for PrimeNet’s professional management and advice. We don’t claim to know it all, but we are confident in our ability to save you from yourself.
  • Who Does PrimeNet work with?
    We work with young professionals all the way up to retirees. Whether you are looking to build a longterm portfolio for a specific goal or looking for a more efficient retirement plan/income We can help. The best part about this job is solving new puzzles and getting the chance to work with different people. Our combination of customized advice and individualized attention to our clients is unique in the industry and helps create greater peace of mind.
  • How Am I protected?
    At PrimeNet Financial our dealer is Portfolio Strategies Corporation. Portfolio Strategies Corporation is a current member of the MFDA (Mutual Fund Dealers of Canada) Investor Protection Program. This ensures that client assets in the event of insolvency up to $1,000,000 per account. Portfolio Strategies is one of the largest Independent Mutual Fund and Exempt Market Dealers in Canada with over $4 billion in assets under administration. *Investments are not guaranteed against market volatility.
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